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Overnight Beauty Tips

Natural ingredients can do wonders to your face, hair and skin, you just need to pick the right one for you. Here’s some tips to look radiant without the hefty expenses.


Exfoliate your lips every night by rubbing a thin layer of raw honey. Leave the honey on your lips until it absorbs in. When you wake up the next morning, you will have soft, fuller, KISSABLE lips.


Apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera pulp directly to any blemishes, pimples or severe acne. Leave it overnight and rinse with water the next morning. After a lukewarm wash, your pimples will have gone down and you’ll have glowing skin throughout the day.


There’s a lot of talk around what works best for blackheads, and a lot of expensive new products are launching that don’t seem to be working as much as we want it to. Mix honey with lemon juice to the affected areas on your face before bedtime. Leave it on your face until the morning and wash your nose. You will notice the blackheads will be gone.


This might seem weird but if you rub a banana peel every day for a week on your teeth for about a minute, you will start to notice your teeth are a few shades whiter.


Aloe Vera has enzymes and moisturizing properties that nourish hair follicles and make your eye brows grow faster and thicker. The same can be applied to the roots and the ends of your hair.

Don’t rely on tablets or hair gummy bears that don’t work.