Can I colour my hair extensions?

All of our natural hair extensions can be coloured darker. Avoid bleaching the hair without your qualified hair technician. If you do this at home yourself the process will end up with you dehydrating your extensions if you don’t have proper treatment. Just as you would colour your own hair you need to be prepared to give a lot of tender, love and care to the coloured extensions.

Do you have an exchange or refund policy?

Yes. As long as the hair extensions have not been opened, worn or cut in any way. We have a sample that you can test in the bottom packet and you are able to match your colour. The main packet must be sealed for the return policy. For more information please read our refund and exchanges policy.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, PayPal and MasterCard. We have a secure website to ensure the safety of our clients when shopping online.

Can we style our hair extensions?

Yes. You can style, straighten, curl and blow dry our extensions but you should never apply heat for long periods of time, just as you wouldn’t do to your own hair. This will damage and dry out your extensions. You should apply a hear protector treatment before you apply heat to the extensions.

How much hair do I need?

It depends on the length and fullness of your own hair, and the look you want to achieve when adding your Extensions. If you are only adding fullness and your own hair is similar to the length of the Extensions, using 2 to 4 ounces of hair should be plenty to give you lots of volume. If your own hair is much shorter than the length of the Extensions you will be attaching, 6 to 8 ounces of hair should be used in order to achieve a full natural look. Also keep in mind, the longer the Extension length, the more hair you will need for a full look.

Note: Remember it is better to have more hair then not enough. The left over hair will never go to waste and can always be used next time. 

What is Remy Hair? 

Remy Hair, which may also be called Remi or Cuticle Hair is hair that is cut from one donor. It is the healthiest hair because it is hand-picked strand by strand to ensure that all cuticles remain aligned and intact. With proper tender love & care, the hair will stay soft and long-lasting.

Will my Hair Extensions shed? 

Some Extensions shed more than others depending on the attachment used, but all Hair Extensions do shed a bit which cannot be helped once it has been cut from the donors head. To prevent the hair from tangling you should use a de-tangler brush. The teeth on the brush are perfectly designed for Extensions.

What Products can I use?

You can use Moose, Gel and Hairspray, but be sure that the products are alcohol free as alcohol is a drying agent. Stay away from Shines and oils. In between shampoos, a leave in spray conditioner is great, especially on the ends.

Will anyone know that I am wearing Hair Extensions?

If the correct amount of hair is used, in addition to the proper colour blend and texture, nobody will ever know you are wearing our Hair Extensions. Our hair is designed to blend in perfectly with the natural cuticle to your own hair and our small clips are flexible which means it will never hang off the hair to ever be seen. Every strand including the short layer in the Extension to the short hair that we have in our own hair will blend in very well when combined.

If my hair is thin, can I still wear Hair Extensions?

Yes, depending on the severity, and where you are thinning. You will need enough of your own hair at your crown to cover the top row of Extensions. If your hair is not thinning out but is naturally thin you are able to use Extensions with a choice of our smaller grams – 180g at 18” Inch & 20” Inch.

Can I use Jenica clip-Ins for Balayage?

Clip-Ins are amazing if you do not wish to dye your own hair due to damage and dryness. You can easily add in another shade by purchasing from our (3) Edgy Ombre colours – Ombre Milkshake, Ombre Ice Cream and Ombre California. These colours are not from our Natural Hair selection as they have been dyed to create ‘The 2 toned Look’. However they are still 100% Remy Human Hair with the cuticle still intact. They have the same hair texture, the same volume and length as our Natural Hair colours. Please go to ‘Shop Hair’ to view the hair selection.

Note: You can also add highlights and/or lowlights by using a few clip-in pieces throughout your head. It is preferred that you use 1 shade closer to your own hair to keep it looking real-like and classy.

How long will my Hair Extensions last? 

This is all depending on how well you look after your Extensions. Our Jenica Extensions have a life expectancy of up to 3-6 months. Our Hair is Natural and does not have ANY synthetic hair in the mix, so you would have to treat our hair as if it was your own hair. You are still able to blow dry, curl and straighten the hair but please use a heat protector treatment before you use any hot tools. Generally you can wash the hair once every 6 weeks. It is not recommended you wash the hair every day.  Use a de-tangler brush to brush out any tangles you experience every day.

Will the Extensions damage my own hair?  

Jenica Hair Extensions will not in any way damage your own hair as our clips have been designed for a comfort to your head and an effortless weight in the clips and hair. As long as you do not pull the hair rough you should be fine.

Is my Personal and Payment Information Secure? 

Yes, you can shop with confidence on our secure server, and we will not share any or your information, as we respect your privacy!

When will my order ship? 

We require 2 business days to expedite and process your order after receipt of your cleared payment. We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Business days are considered Monday through Friday. Please allow estimated 7 to 10 business days to receive your order. In most cases delivery will be much sooner, but sometimes delays occur within the postal system that we have no control of. We ship Worldwide with International Insured Express Post.

Please allow up to 10 to 14 business days to receive your order. In most cases delivery will be sooner, pending possible unexpected delays through customs. Depending on your Country, there may also be a Customs Tax or Duty, which we would have no knowledge of. This is the customer’s responsibility. If you have any concerns, please contact your local Customs office.

For any more questions, enquires or general information you can contact our team at