Our Hair

Our factory only offers the hair of the highest quality class.

It is the hair with a preserved cuticular layer.

  • Cuticle (scaly layer) is the outer layer of the hair, which protects it against the environment.

The cuticle condition is responsible for the gloss and texture of the hair. The normal healthy cuticle reflects light and allows hair to glide easily across the surface of each other. It consists of 6-19 layers of cells that cover each other very tightly, creating an effect of almost a smooth surface.

The main secret of hair quality of Jenica Hair factory is the high professional competence of our specialists. Unlike the other manufacturers, we neither use the chemical reagents for staining the hair, nor iron the hair before sale or cover it with the silicon. Each extension kit, each cut produced by Jenica Hair factory has its own unique structure.

  • Our clients have an opportunity to select the natural hair with the variety of structures and shades. The hair you buy in our factory will be maintained during the whole period of its use.

Our hair is double drawn and produced with Natural 100% Remy Human Hair providing thickness from the root to the end. We use the best quality thread for the sewing process to ensure the wefts are secure with minimal shedding and tangling. Our hair blends naturally and can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, and/or curled using styling tools, just like your own hair!

We create volume in your life provided with a gorgeous full set to give you more confidence and keep your hair healthy and glowing. Our range will maintain your hair with a radiant shine and a comfort to your head with the effortless weight of our clips. Our aim is to provide you with stunning long locks and keep you smiling.

Clip-ins are a simple and fun way to create a whole lot of volume and add length. Our hair is very lightweight and doesn’t pull on to your own hair which would cause breakage and damaged roots. The hair can be washed, dyed, styled and hair dried. Just like your own hair it is recommended that you use a high-quality heat protector treatment before using a hair straightener and curling irons.

We have designed the clips for the comfort to your head and specifically designed smaller clips for a lightweight feel. Our clips will not pull or damage your natural hair or scalp. The clips will stay securely in place without need for hairspray or teasing of your natural hair, even if you have fine or thin hair.

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