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Featured in The Roaming Panther Magazine

The newest and hottest magazine trending right now “Roaming Panthers” printed and delivered 80,000 copies to homes across Sydney over the last few days and we were honored to feature a cover story on Jenica Hair.

Jenica Hair launched in 2016 and is one of the fastest growing hair accessories companies in Australia. Jenica Hair’s products are less than half the price of other products and are delivered directly to your door.

“Hair loss is a growing issue for many women and I want them to know that they should not feel isolated about speaking out”. Bahun said. “Most of the time, hair loss is a temporary issue and one which can be addressed but women need to get to their doctor to work out why they are experiencing hair loss.”

“There are a number of reasons for this and the key issue are diet, hormones and stress.”

“So many women have told me they are suffering from hair loss and they don’t know what to do about it. I can help them to hide their thin hair and create the image of volume, but I encourage them to see a doctor.”

“Some  of the mums I speak with are so tired and run off their feet, they are completely run down. Many young women are dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues. This is a major contribution to hair loss.”

“The problem is that when they notice they are experiencing hair loss, this causes more stress for them which contributes to the problem.”

“A lot of young women are also not eating meat.  Hair is made of protein, so it makes sense that if you are not getting enough protein, your hair will suffer. Many young women are choosing to  boost their hair volume through the use of hair extensions.”

“It doesn’t solve the underlying problem, but it helps them to cope with how they look and feel about themselves when they  are around other people.”