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How to care for your Jenica Extensions

Human Hair Extensions will transform your entire look just by adding volume and length to your own hair. Celebrities use them to enhance their appearance and go from dull to glamorous in minutes. Extensions do require a certain amount of care just as your own hair does. If you want to keep them around for longer, then you must learn how to maintain them.

Maria wearing her #4 Dark Brown 24″ Inch 220g clip-in Jenica Extensions

Wash your Hair every 6 weeks

Some websites will mention washing three to five times a week is ideal. When you’re dealing with human hair extensions you only need to wash them every 6 weeks, unless you’re wearing them every day, then you may wash them every 2 weeks.

We recommend washing your hair with Organix Nourishing Coco Milk Shampoo. There is absolutely nothing harmful in the shampoo and it is made with very light and natural ingredients that is needed to build up hair protein. Your extensions will come out smooth and soft. Not to mention the smell is ahh-amazing!!

Priced at $9.00 from your local supermarket.

Make a bath for your hair extensions

Make sure you clean out the sink. Add a teaspoon of shampoo and about half a cup of lukewarm water and mix them together in the sink

Add your hair extensions

Slowly dip your extensions into the water and comb through a few times from the end, then from the mid-length and finally all the way down from the roots to get rid of any tangle. Let your extensions soak for 10 minutes. Try to keep the top weft and clips dry

Rinse your extensions

Gently take your extensions out of the sink and rise them under the running tap. Make sure the running water is cold so that it locks the moisture in the extensions. Turn off the tap and dab the extensions onto your towel

Condition your extensions

Apply some conditioner directly to your extensions and comb the conditioner into them. Make sure to comb the conditioner mid length to the bottom. Place the extensions back on the towel and fold it over. Let the extensions sit inside the towel for an hour. Rinse the conditioner out of the hair and lay your extensions flat onto a new, dry towel

Dry your extensions

TIP – We recommend leaving the extensions to naturally dry folded into a towel overnight. If you are in a rush here’s how you dry off your extensions

Grab some heat protectant spray and spray directly onto the extensions. Note: Heat protectant spray makes a shield around the cuticle of a hair strand and allows it to keep its shine.

We recommend using Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist. This product controls and protects hair against heat damage from regular blow drying and heat styling up to 230°C, for a soft and smooth finish.

Priced at $16.00 from your local hair dresser. Or you can buy this online

Blow dry your extensions slowly and gently from the ends to the middle. Make sure you are using medium heat so you do not dry or break any hair cuticle.