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5 last minute Halloween looks

Pump up your Halloween look!

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, it is time to decide our costumes and prepare to have all eyes on us! One of our favourite spooky holidays requires us to fully indulge in our on trend character and all of us just love to play dress up.

In order to play the part, we must make sure that our makeup and costumes are flawless! But most importantly, our hair! Halloween looks are all about playing around with our favourite looks and if we’ve chosen a character, our look must be as similar to it as possible. The more the merrier! And in this case what we struggle with the most is our hair. Don’t worry, we got you!

I have 99 problems but my hair ain’t one!

Here at Jenica Hair extensions, we offer a vast variety of hair extensions that can definitely amp up your look! Here are some ideas and how you could use our extensions with them.

Rebellious tomb raider!

This is a very easy look, no need for a fancy costume or professional makeup, just the signature, Tomb Raider braid which means you would need long, rich locks. Well, say no more! That can easily be achieved with our jumbo braid! 24 inch long and flawless to help you achieve your waist long, rebellious fishtail braid and reflect your inner Jolie!

Majestic Mermaid

For other looks like the little mermaid, your perfect bob won’t pull this look off, but we’ve got you covered. Our easy clip in extensions will help you achieve your majestic mermaid locks and look stunning with your dewy makeup and your sexy costume. You will surely have all eyes on you.

Breathtaking princess Jasmine

Go for a more Disney vibe and slay as Jasmine. The most prominent feature of her is her pitch black gorgeous hair! You will surely not be able to rock your look without those. Our long black clip in extensions, 24 inches long, 220g will be spot on for this look. Accessorize with 3 blue hair ties to achieve the unique jasmine braid. With these extensions, you can easily get that fabulous volume and length, both!

Unicorn Magic

We all do believe in unicorns, right? This is a look that can be played with anyway you like, to unleash your inner magic. Our 20 inches 130g ponytail wrap would be a great choice. You’ll need a cone piece and wrap your clip in extensions around it. You’ll need just two pieces so don’t worry about going overboard. If you have a problem with wrapping your hair around the cone then you can buy a cone from the one dollar shop and use that as a headband with your beautiful locks. One thing that is essential is glitter! LOTS of it!

Lion’s Mane

If it’s the big day and you are still confused about your look, unleash your inner lioness! For that, you don’t need an expensive costume and just do a cat makeup look, just a lot more fierce. Conture your nose and fill in the tip of your nose with black eyeliner. Enhance your eyes and combine the look with a baby pink lip colour. To make it look more like a lion rather than a cat, your mane is the main thing! You would need big hair with extra volume with an outward blowdried look with messy waves. For that our 22 inches 220g, 1 piece clip in hair extensions is perfect! But don’t forget to add extra texture with our texture spray and make the volume last all night!

Let loose your imagination and slay, this Halloween!