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3 Hairstyles to Try for a Date Night

Your hairstyle can add a lot to your personality. You can invest the hardest efforts into your entire look but the choice of hairstyle can make or break it.

Choosing the right hairstyle depends on multiple factors. It should suit your face shape, complement your outfit, be appropriate for the occasion, and should also make you happy. However, this discussion is a long one and should be reserved for another post.

Today, we talk about the choice of hairstyle on a date night. It is all about making you feel special so you should look special too. In the following blog post, we have described 3 great hairstyles you can try for a date night.

Big Sexy Waves as Good as a Victoria Secret Showcase

Wavy hair always gives you the perfect balance between a young and mature look. Worried that you don’t have enough volume to your hair in order to make the perfect wavy look? You don’t have to be upset because you can use our clip on are extensions to add that extra volume.

For creating the waves, you need any popular hair curler. If you don’t have access to hair curler, then you can also use easy heat rollers.

Use bobby pins to make sure that the extensions are perfectly fixed within your natural hair. Use the curler or heat rollers make waves. It is up to you how intense you want the waves to be. Next, take a detangling brush to brush from the middle of the hair to the ends. This will set your waves into a neat arrangement.

Voila! You are ready. Also, remember that there is no wrong way to curl. So don’t get intimidated by this hairstyle.

Sleek and Straight

Some women like to keep it simple yet elegant. For such a hairstyle on your date night, we recommend choosing for straight hair. Most women will skip this option because they don’t have enough hair length to make it look beautiful. With our 24-inch clip-on hair extensions, you can achieve the perfect straight hair look.

Fix the hair extension with bobby pins and then use a quality hair straightener to complete the hairstyle. We recommend using the ‘Rise to Shine’ hair mist to give your hair a glossed, smooth, and sleek appearance.

Chunky Fishtail

If you want to take the creative route for your hairstyle on a date night, try a chunky fishtail. The fishtail is a good choice for getting a younger look while the chunky element adds a messy texture; making you look all bohemian. Our hair extensions can be used to give the fishtail some volume.

For all hairstyles, you can use the ‘Keone Blend’ hair fixing spray. This will keep your hairstyle set all evening; making you look and feel beautiful throughout.

We make hair extension using quality materials; designed for easy and comfortable wear. 4 different lengths are available so you can enjoy the freedom of styling your hair.