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A luxury look for that big night out

While we spend our days and nights seeking out luxury in all parts of this great country, one thing we’ve come to realise is that in order to look and feel like a million dollars – you don’t always have to spend a million dollars. And let’s be honest, to make ourselves glamorous for that really high end special event or occasion, the credit card is going to take a hit so any chance I get to get the look I want for a great price is greatly appreciated.

Last year at school formal time, a friend sent me a photo of her gorgeous daughter all dressed up and ready for her big night. The dress was fabulous, make up impeccable and besides the realisation that this young woman was blossoming from school girl to a lady of style and class, one part of her look really stood out – her hair. It was spectacular.

“Hair extensions,” my friend told me when I asked about her daughter’s gorgeous flowing locks. I loved the classy look of those hair extensions, searched around and came across the name Jenica Bahun. Last year she launched her brand new business, Jenica Hair, which offers a range of high quality affordable hair accessories such as hair extensions, ponytails and eyelashes, and it has quickly taken off.

Possibly the best feature of Jenica’s hair creations is that you can wear them however you like; washed, blow dried, straightened or curled – and they still look incredible.

Similarly, the clips are designed for maximum comfort and a lightweight feel, you can dump the hairspray and the extra time for teasing because you won’t need any of that. You also won’t need to worry about the colour matching process, if it’s not an exact match – the hair will still blend because it is made with a multi-tonal colouring system.

This multi-tonal system is visible in this after shot. Here you can see our model has inserted her hair extensions and though they may not be the exact same colour as her natural hair – it still flows beautifully and looks like it is her own hair.

In this second Before and After picture, you can really see the difference the hair extensions have made. The hair now looks a little bit healthier, the extensions really just give her hair that extra volume that you are looking for!

Whether it is for an event or just your everyday use, don’t we deserve a little dose of luxury in our lives every now and then? Jenica works with the best hair suppliers in the industry, with the aim of designing the most luxurious clip-in hair extensions possible.

The extensions do not have any synthetic blends, a typical ingredient for hair extensions in today’s market. The hair is only natural human hair that has been treated with herbal and organic products, another appealing characteristic of this product.

Their product range is online, we’ve seen the look first hand and it is first class. So check them out via